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So what's in our Trunk?

The Trunkers is an international business development agency that represents creative brands across the globe; the brands we seek in our trunk, are ones that have a solid mission, and a differentiated value proposition!

Within this perspective, the vision behind The Trunkers is also aligned with sustainability and ethical practices, favoring the collaboration with brands that align with social and environmental values.

Ready To Wear

We are amazed by Fashion brands that manage to build their identity and aesthetic in a way to resonate with their target audience. The commercial efforts at The Trunkers are thus enhanced by a brand’s voice that speaks to the values of the intended international buyers.


When solicited by Couture brands, The Trunkers team aspire to discover the meticulous handwork and the finest materials, which contribute to the overall luxury and uniqueness of each piece. We expect designers to push creative boundaries, presenting new concepts and artistic innovation that reflect a unique expertise.


The Bridal dream constantly reminds us about the meaning of our mission; at The Trunkers we believe that a dress's storytelling power lies in its ability to capture and reflect the bride's personal journey, embodying a dream and the essence of a new chapter of life. These elements transform a bridal dress from a garment into a profound symbol of love.


When it comes to Lifestyle brands, The Trunkers would seek to represent brands for which innovation and quality are vital, as they ensure the brand's offerings are not only meet, but exceed consumer expectations in functionality, durability, and style. These elements create a brand that stands out in the crowded market of accessories, ensuring long-term value and success.


Jewelry means more than luxury for The Trunkers; it represents a specific design talent that can combine contemporary trends with timeless elegance. It is also the fruit of exceptional craftsmanship that ensures a brand’s heritage and its ability to weave compelling stories around its collections; and that is how they create emotional resonance, elevating the jewelry beyond mere adornment to symbols of status, identity, and personal significance.


While distributing Beauty brands, The Trunkers agency hopes to project authenticity in the brand’s message, which should foster trust and reflect genuine commitment to customer well-being. We also hope for inclusivity which is demonstrated in products that cater to diverse skin tones, types, and beauty needs, broadening the brand’s market reach. And last but not least, we hope for sustainability, through eco-friendly practices, that are in line with consumer awareness for environmental responsibility.


The Trunkers agency offers exceptional wholesale business development opportunities to 
Seed, Early Stage and Established brands. 
Needless to say, the brands' ability to captivate the imagination of both the consumers and the 
professional buyers remains the significant role in defining a collection's value and success!

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