The story behind the Trunk

Trunk shows originated in the United States during the late 1800s; back then, manufacturers showcased their latest clothing collections directly to customers through a traveling suitcase or "trunk." And since the stores did not have enough space to carry the complete collections, this approach allowed manufacturers to introduce their new lines in an intimate setting. 

The tradition began in the early 20th century as a way for European designers to reach the affluent American market, offering an exclusive shopping experience that emphasized personal interaction and first looks at the latest trends, typically in partnership with high-end department stores or boutiques. 

Over time, trunk shows evolved to include not just clothing but also accessories, jewelry, and bridal collections, becoming a cherished opportunity for consumers to experience goods firsthand and for brands to receive immediate feedback from potential clientele.

Inspired by the historical evolution of trunk shows, and the relevant market linkages between Europe and North America, The Trunkers project was born to add more value to the initial concept. A group of sales experts have thus gathered their talents and skills in order to serve brands through international business development. Motivated by their common passion, The Trunkers team accumulate more than 25 years of wholesale experiences in Fashion, Luxury, Beauty, Lifestyle and Accessories.

Why do we Trunk?
Because we're passionate about it!

Open the Trunk and Expand your brand outreach!

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